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Mathematics For Science


  • Percentages and percentage calculations
  • Algebra and equations
  • Changing the subject of an equation
  • What an equation tells us
  • Indices and calculations involving indices
  • Standard form and conversions involving standard form
  • Physical quantities in science
  • Converting units
  • Finding units of a new term
  • Scale factors
  • Volumes and areas
  • Basic trigonometry
  • Proportionality in graphs
  • Inverse proportionality
  • Straight line graphs, gradients and intercepts
  • Power law graphs and equations
  • Curved graphs
  • Logarithms and the log scale
  • Natural logs
  • Examples of using log scales
  • Exponential equations
  • Linearising equations
  • Further examples
  • Half-Life
  • The mathematics of radioactive and exponential decay

Other mathematical skills are introduced through analysis of sample questions during the course

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