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From a score of 43 to 63 in section III, a jump of 20 points - It is possible

Hi Paul,

Offers for Irish Medical Schools came out on Thursday and I was offered my first choice in University of Limerick. Having sat the GAMSAT exam three times and failing to obtain enough points on my first and second attempt I can safely say my success in my third attempt of the exam would not have been possible without GradMed…

I'd just like to give you an idea on how much I improved following the GradMed course.

Section 3 - 45
Overall - 53

Section 3 - 43
Overall - 50

After GradMed
Section 3 - 63
Overall - 62

As you can see from my results, it is evident that I made significant improvements, in the science section of the paper in particular, which is where I really needed to improve if I was going to get the score I needed (which was 54 for UL GEM) …

The endless sample questions and sample papers were key to cementing the knowledge once the material was covered…

I went from a score of 43 to 63 in that section, a jump of 20 points!! I think that is something which might put future students at ease…

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at GradMed for all your help in following my dream to pursue a career in medicine. From the time I first booked my first GAMSAT exam to last Thursday when I finally received my offer it has been a long 18 months. It felt like constant disappointment with two GAMSATs and two very difficult days opening emails to find I had not done so well and I was beginning to feel like it would never happen for me and perhaps medicine was not the right career choice. It is such a relief to finally have secured a place in the medical school which I had down as my first choice and to have had enough points to attend any medical school in Ireland that I wanted.