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GAMSAT Results

Hi all,

Just to let you know that for my first time sitting the GAMSAT I have received an overall score of…..*drum roll please*…..75 !!!I

I can't believe it! I had been quite worried about the results because during the first part of my Section 1/2 exam my neighbours across the road unfortunately began building works that involved breaking up giant rocks with a jackhammer, with the consequence that I found it almost impossible to concentrate for Section 1 until the drilling stopped. I received a 62 in that section; but somehow managed to recover in time for Section 2 in which I received a score of 80.

I received an absolutely wonderful score of 79 for my Section III, which is all down to Paul and Dan and your wonderful teaching and dedication. I can’t thank you enough for everything - your help, support and guidance got us all through a very difficult and unforeseen period.The final date for confirming our university choices was yesterday, so all going well it looks like I’ll be starting my medical degree in my first choice of University College Dublin in September! (I can’t quite believe I’m saying that!)

Thank you all so much for everything - I couldn’t have achieved that without you all at Gradmed!
Hope you are all keeping well,

Best wishes,

Thérèse Dublin Class of 2020