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Thank You

Dear Dan,I attended the Gradmed course in Dublin from January to March this year. I am delighted to say that I will be starting the graduate medicine course in Limerick on Monday. I wanted to say a big thank you. I came up 9 percentiles in the science section which massively impacted on my score from last year. I always loved biology in school, but I never had a teacher so passionate about any subject until I met you. I know lots of students say this to you but that really is such a big help when you’re learning something- and especially when you’re having to study it in gamsat format! You have such a practical way of explaining things from the cellular level right up to the system involved that not only makes it interesting, but makes it stick.I honestly can’t thank you enough. I have been in disbelief about getting in over the past few weeks, but now that it’s getting close it’s so exciting.

Kind regards, 
Dawn R