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What should I study for GAMSAT?

One of the biggest challenges with the GAMSAT is the lack of a formal syllabus for Section 3. Many students therefore approach their study by simply trying to learn as much undergraduate and high school science as possible. This approach however misses the point of the exam. 

GAMSAT is looking to test your ability to use unfamiliar material and data to reason your way through problems. As such the settings are often uniquely unusual and may well seem to have little relationship to any of the study you have so lovingly attempted. However often seeing beyond the unusual setting you will be able to recognise basic concepts and theory. Although the questions may seem to be asking about unusual biochemistry or patterns, the basic principles are those expected of any good scientist.

 So don’t feel your study of acids and bases, osmosis, kinetics, gravity, organic naming and the like is wasted. The trick is to realise that unusual questions are testing many of the core scientific principles we rely on in all of our scientific studies. 

You can find out what many of these core principles are by checking out our free syllabus for each subject on this website.