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A Diagnosis Website for Aspiring Medical Students

Love House MD, and Medical Mysteries?

In the manner of House MD, the diagnosis column of the New York Times offers a collection of medical mysteries where patients present symptoms that don’t always follow a conventional pattern. 

This is a great resource for aspiring medical students as well as anyone with a general interest in medicine (and, of course, the hypochondriacs amongst us!).The articles are fascinating as much from a general standpoint as medical interest,and facilitate reader involvement.  

They can help in understanding and developing history taking, eliciting information,as well as forming clear and effective thinking.   

The following is the introduction from one of the of the case studies:

DIAGNOSIS; What was Causing Her Bloody Lips and Seizures?


The young man drained the water from the bathtub, then put his girlfriend’s slender arms around his neck and lifted her limp body.  Suddenly, he felt her stiffen and her shoulders jerk. He lay her back down quickly. She’s having another seizure, he called loudly.  Come quick……. By the time they reached the emergency room, the patient was awake. She remembered being in the bath tub and waking up in the ambulance ….

Intrigued?   There is a lot more before a diagnosis is made, read more on this and browse many other fascinating cases by clicking the following link –

 Diagnosis Website