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GAMSAT Sections

Section 1

The Written Communication and Verbal Reasoning course seeks to emphasise the skills of critical thinking and logic, but also sensitivity to the emotional nuances of words and information.  These are of course essential to a medical career, and almost all medical departments now use tests which seek to assess how, regardless of academic background, a person might approach a patient or process information of different kinds. 

Section II

There are two key points to mention when it comes to the Written Communication section of the GAMSAT Exam:-

Firstly, no one has ever taken an exam like this before.  Using the academic essay writing that you may be used to as a model will not help much. Academic essays are designed to test knowledge and are written in a sealed system for professionals who use a language that has about as much appeal to the general reader as a legal document or a tax bill. GAMSAT Essays are not like this. They have to pass the same test as good quality journalism. They have to engage the reader, and to do that they have to be accessible and readable. That is one of the reasons that the exam is called written communication.