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Psychiatry as a medical speciality

Mental health has become a much more important aspect of our lives.  Rather than just accepting that we are feeling ‘under the weather’ to use that age old euphemism, we now realise that it is as significant as our physical well-being.  Yet, so many of us are unaware of how psychiatry fits into medicine and what it entails.  As surprising as it may sound, many often don’t realise that it is a medical speciality, and entails qualifying as a doctor, rather than training as a therapist. 

Over the years, many of our students have extolled the unexpected gains they have felt from participating in this field during their training, and in a large number of cases it has led them to changing their initial thinking about their chosen speciality. The link below will take you to some illuminating reading in blog postings from foundation year doctors.  The accounts will certainly open minds, and help to change some misconceptions about this equally challenging and fascinating field.

Royal College of Psychiatrists - Blogs