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Student Blog - Part 1

To allow me my moment of hubris I managed to gain a place at my first choice on my first attempt. I knew that the odds were against me so I kept quiet about my plans. I also knew that whilst gaining my work experience and holding down a full time job I would find studying difficult.

So I used my initiative and I enrolled at GradMed. Some view it as cheating but I’m a firm believer in doing whatever you can to maximise your chance of success (so long as you don’t hurt others in the process). It was the best decision I could’ve made. They never claim they’ll get you into medical school (that’s your job) but they’ll prepare you for the GAMSAT. I relished the structure I had over the summer before I sat the exam and found I really looked forward to the weekends.

A fair few of us are on the course and we are very different people who will pursue very different paths, but that’s the beauty of medicine. I’m an arts graduate and am still using their notes to strip the (often bamboozling) science down to its core. But as well as the course prepared me for the GAMSAT, nothing could prepare me for medical school.

Keep checking back as 'Student Blog - Part 2: My Journey to Tooting via Gradmed' will be posted shortly.