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Student Blog - Part 3: First term - Eclairs vs. Echocardiography

It is difficult to encapsulate my first term as a medical student. But I’ll try.We covered so much in our first term I hardly know where to begin. So I’ll tell you about some of the core features to set the scene. Even though this year is pre clinical we are expected to interact with patients from the start. For me this term was about adapting which I had to do in so many ways and will talk about over the next couple of blogs

First things first, the most important part of Problem Based Learning (PBL) is the food. PBL snacks are probably the highlight of most people’s week. We all take it in turns to provide the snacks for the session and it’s extraordinary what some people make. Home made éclairs were a highlight for me (I didn’t make them but managed to pack a few away). Much bonding takes place over the food….Secondary to the feasting is the learning. Your ‘PBL Experience’ is highly dependent on how your group dynamics work and what the relationship with your tutor is like. I really enjoyed the group I had for my first term but I know there are others who weren’t as happy. Learning to navigate your way through the politics is an important learning curve. I’m still finding out so much about myself. I’m pleased that I can say when I don’t understand something. And inevitably there is someone in the group who can explain it to me. Once I’ve grasped the concept it’s time to celebrate. With coffee and a snack.

Which is better? Eclairs or Cupcakes. There is only one way to find out. FIIIIIIGHT!