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Student Blog - Part 6: First Term No Rest For The Wicked

First exams

No rest for the wicked. Exams must be sat within 2 months of starting the course. I don’t like sitting exams. Which may seem rather a strange thing to say when embarking on a career that requires constant assessment and (potentially) decades of exams. I can’t beat the system so I’d better knuckle down and get used to them. Compared to the marathon day that was GAMSAT they’re not so bad. But they are time pressured and if you don’t know your stuff and dither you’ll end up guessing. When I looked around the room at the end of term exams I saw 100 zombies sat at desks. At the beginning of the term we were bright eyed and bushy tailed. Within months we’d been drained of our life blood! Yet that’s the reality of a course that compresses 2 years of learning into 1. That demands people learn more about bodies and illnesses than it is humanly possible to remember.