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GAMSAT September 2020 Is a Digital Test

All at GradMed hope you are keeping well in these uncertain times. As you may have already seen ACER have released information in relation to the September GAMSAT exam, which will be run as a computer test.


We thought we would take a look at the relevant points, which seem to be as follows:

Testing window will be 28th September to 11th October

Registrations will close at 1PM on Monday August 17th

Section 1 + 3 will be slightly longer than the May/June computer exam with Section 1 = 47 Questions and Section 3 = 75 Questions

Test centres will be as normal ( you will need to attend the test centre in person). Think of the theory driving test as an example.

Places will be subject to demand at each particular test centre, and within a particular city you will be randomly assigned to a given test centre.

Reasonable adjustments will be made for health and other related issues sitting the exam.

All exam sections will take place on a single day, with a short gap between sections 2 and 3

As we did for the May/June exam GradMed will be adjusting the delivery of our full mock examinations, for all of our students, to simulate this digital environment, as well as adjusting the structure of our live and digital delivery.