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Thank You

Good afternoon GradMed team,

You may not remember me but I was part of the full prep summer class 2021 (which was online so we never actually met in person). I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the entire team - the teachers, mentors and staff - who put this course together, not just for the academic part but you've given me immense confidence in my ability that I didn't have before. Even as simple as advocating for the various different ways to solve a simple mathematic problem instead of a dogmatic one-size-fits-all approach which I have experienced in the past, and the humanisation of the process that has helped me greatly in coping with the competitive pressures. I have Paul's sayings drilled in my head that "you just need enough", "all it takes is one interview and one offer" that has really relieved the pressures of this process, and all the fun and reassuring tidbits (many of which were in Spanish) from Dan. This course has really opened my eyes to experiment with different ways of learning and perspectives on dealing with such an intense application process.

I say wholeheartedly say this course has done a great deal for me personally and academically which has helped me immensely as I finish up my undergraduate and I have no doubt will serve me well in future. Speaking of which, I am delighted to share the very exciting news that I received two offers for medicine!! This is truly a dream come true and no doubt GradMed has a part in this.