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What does GAMSAT consist of?

What does GAMSAT consist of? The GAMSAT has changed during the Covid-19 era and as such the exams for 2021 will be presented differently than the traditional paper format. The exam still takes place on a single day, which is assigned just prior to the actual exam. 

Firstly the exam will now take place over two ‘test windows’, rather than on a single date. For the next examinations these are: 17th – 30 March 2021 and 3rd – 16th September 2021. Also the examination is now digitised and takes place at selected test centres in each city (don’t worry ACER provide laptops for the sitting). All of this means the nature of the examination has certainly changed, and as such your preparation should obviously be adjusted (more on this in later articles) 

In terms of the new structure both Sections 1 and 3 have been cut down in terms of questions and time provided. Section 1 now consists of 47 questions with a total test time of 70 minutes (so still approximately 1.5 mins per question) and Section 3 now has 75 questions in 150 minutes (so slightly longer than previously at 2 minutes per question.) The essay section has remained constant, with two essays being typed in 65 minutes, including reading time. 

The purpose of exam remains the same however, assessing your ability to understand and analyse material, to think critically about issues and, in the case of the Written Communication section, to organise and express your thoughts in a logical and effective way. However the digitised environment is certainly different, and gaining as much practice as possible in the actual new exam format key. If you are taking any courses with GradMed we of course provide 10 full mocks, in this new digitised format. 

So the exam has changed, but the skills and knowledge being tested remains reassuringly  familiar. As such don’t feel your preparation for GAMSAT should take a totally new slant, but do take into account the new timings and digital nature in all you do.