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GradMed London Courses

Preparing students for the GAMSAT is unique in both the level of knowledge required and the extensive reasoning skills that must be developed in a highly time pressured environment. Since 2002 GradMed has provide extensive  preparation at Imperial College, London, and during this time over 5000 students have completed our live courses.

Courses run for three months from May to September, teaching both the required level of knowledge and the reasoning skills which the exam demands. The courses are intense and designed to emulate the style and demands of teaching you will encounter on a graduate programme at medical school.  Working with like-minded individuals in a focused environment means rapid acquirement of knowledge and a true appreciation of the varied skills needed both at this level and at medical school itself.


Why Gradmed

Full Preparation Course - May to September 2018

Running for three months from late May to September, we teach all of the core material and develop the extensive reasoning skills the exam requires. Coverage is intense and consists of 21 full days of teaching at Imperial College London in South Kensington. Students are provided with extensive pre-course reading and guidance, and have full access to the Course Director and Head Tutors at all times after enrolment. The aim is to provide a full holistic preparation where help is always available and questions never go unanswered.

The science modules develop both the knowledge and reasoning skills for all of the sciences tested on the exam. In Chemistry and Biology this equates to first year undergraduate level, and in Physics to an A-level standard. Students make use of over 3000 pages of extensive notes and over 5000 sample questions. This is in addition to the many thousands of questions provided via our online question banks and resources.

In section I we analyse and teach all of the key reasoning skills the exam demands, through our unique programme of training in the humanities and social sciences. This is supplemented with an extensive question bank derived from our experience of the examination.

For Section II students develop a unique strategy to write the two types of comparative essays sought by the examiners. This is done through our unique methodology, which has been developed since 2002 specifically for this examination.

The course is broken down into the following units:

  • Physical and Organic Chemistry – 6 Full Days
  • Biology and Biochemistry– 6 Full Days
  • Physics and Medical Physics – 4 Full Days
  • Written Communication and Verbal Reasoning – 3 Full Days
  • Mathematics for Science – 1 Full Day
  • Science Strategy – 2 Full Days

Units can be taken in full or individual units selected to build particular strengths.

Course Content

Intensive Revision Course - August 2018

The Intensive courses are designed for those students who have a strong grounding in the sciences, and have undertaken extensive GAMSAT preparation themselves. We provide extensive notes and pre course guidance in advance, but the aim of the course is to develop reasoning skills through detailed question analysis, rather than teach all of the scientific and humanities information required. As such it is important students have carried out their own extensive study in advance of the course to derive most benefit from the teaching.

The course is broken down into the following units:

  • Physical and Organic Chemistry – 2 Full Days
  • Biology and Biochemistry– 2 Full Days
  • Physics and Medical Physics – 1 Full Day
  • Written Communication and Verbal Reasoning – 1 Full Day
  • Mathematics for Science – 1 Full Day

Again units can be taken in full or individual units selected to build particular strengths.

Please note it is also possible to combine units from the Full and Intensive courses where students have for example a particular strength in one of the sciences.

Why Gradmed

Mathematics for Science - May and August 2018

Many Section III questions rely on good numerical skills and the application of these to a range of theory across all of the sciences. Although the level of mathematics required is not necessarily advanced, it is crucial that you can deal quickly with standard form, logs, straight-line graphs, logarithmic graphs, linearising equations and many other such techniques.

Here we spend a day analysing all of the common mathematical techniques you will encounter on the GAMSAT Examination.  The focus is the application to simulated questions from our extensive question banks. We will show you how to use Mathematics as a tool to boost your overall  score.  Whilst mathematics itself is not tested in the exam, the course and accompanying 57 page book will equip you with an invaluable tool set moving your  score in the right direction. 

Why Gradmed

Mock Examination - August 2018

Students sit a full and extensively tested simulated mock GAMSAT examination in all sections. This mock is unique, and along with all GRADMED materials has undergone years of standardisation, allowing you to understand fully your preparedness for the exam itself.

Your essays are marked by our Head of Written Communication and returned with extensive comments and suggestions for improvement. Full worked solutions are provided for Section III to act as learning tools in themselves.